Next Lincoln Club meeting will be June 21st... The Center for Healthy Generations, 57121 Sunnyslope Drive, Yucca Valley, CA …. 6:00pm business and general meeting, see you then.

We are The Lincoln Club of Morongo Basin. The Lincoln club is an organization of individuals who are committed to the conservative principles that have made America the greatest country on earth. We focus on what matters most to our local community, including protecting free enterprise, our children's right to an education, and promoting effective local government leadership. The Lincoln Club is a political action committee. We engage in every step of the political process from recruiting candidates to run for office, grassroots advocacy, and producing and publishing political advertisements. We actively track legislation at every level of government and schedule meetings with our elected officials to keep an informed and studious membership. If you're interested in getting involved with your local community and making a meaningful impact, then please visit this site, attend our monthly meetings, and plan to join our organization.

The Lincoln Club of Morongo Basin is not now nor has ever been associated with our polar opposite 'The Lincoln Project'

Dawn Rowe
San Bernardino County Supervisor
District 3

Use this link to contact, get on a mailing list or find out what is happening in the 3rd District.
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Jay Obernolte
United States Congressman
California 8th District

Use this link to contact, get on a mailing list or find out what is happening in the 8th District.
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No representative
California State Senator
19th Senate District

Because of recent redistricting, and this being a senate even year, there is no one representing the 19th Senate District.
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Greg Wallis
California State Assemblyman
47th District

Use this link to contact, get on a mailing list or find out what is happening in the 47th Assembly District.
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The West is the last, greatest hope for humanity; America is the last brave stronghold of the West; and you are all that's left to preserve its legacy. It's on you. You carry the torch, you are the fire of old humanity, flickering against the backdrop of an eternal night. You are the last light before darkness falls. The fate of our species rests on your shoulders. Patriots, this is where the fight ends. There Is no turning back. There isn't any more help coming. We didn't choose this, but fate chose it for us because fate deemed us worthy of the honor. We are the curators of our ancestor's blood, their hopes and dreams, their ideals and epigenetic are the light shining in great darkness. We were born for this moment, to survive these trials. And if we are successful, there will be no limit to what humanity can accomplish.

There are no second place winners in this conflict against Globalism. Remember that the price of mediocrity is eternal regret, and it offers no return. The cost of victory is an eternal struggle against self, nature and mankind- but it's return is your dignity and a love that will last well beyond your life. Never doubt that you are loved, never doubt that your work and efforts are appreciated, never doubt for a moment that we will win this. You are the realization of everything that your ancestors fought for, you are their continuation, the worth of all their blood, sweat and tears...their effort to carve out a better life on this hostile rock. And now, it is your turn to carry that gift called Civilization, to preserve it for the generations that follow ours.

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For Kids and Country

For Kids and Country is a coalition of parents, teachers, mature students, faith leaders, and citizens standing together to restore proper authority, excellence and safety in America’s schools.
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Pacific Justice Institute

In 1997, Brad Dacus founded Pacific Justice Institute, where he serves as President and continues to defend religious liberties and parental rights.
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Social Media

Link to the Lincoln Club of Morongo Basin Facebook page... we expanded our social media offerings to allow for alternatives to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
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Student Scholarship

The Lincoln Club sponsors an annual student essay contest for Morongo Basin seniors. The Bob Dunn Memorial Scholarship is given to three students in late spring.
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US Constitution

Follow this link to learn, open and print a PDF copy of the United States Constitution. Please share with friends and family.
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Bob Dunn Memorial Scholarship

Bob Dunn’s active community participation and leadership benefited countless individuals, families, and organizations in the Morongo Basin.
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Our Elected Officials

LCMB is building a complete resource of all elected officials and board members that represent the Morongo Basin. Contact information is also available.
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The Soap Box

Local, regional, state and national news of interest to our members and commentary by members and others that share their opinion or concerns.
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Tyler Fowlkes speaking at our June 2019 Annual meeting.

"You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today." Abraham Lincoln