2022 Bob Dunn Memorial Scholarship

The Lincoln Club of the Morongo Basin proudly announces its annual Scholarship Program. The Lincoln Club will award 3 scholarships to local high school seniors in 2022:

1st Place - $1,500.00
2nd Place - $1,000.00
3rd Place - $500.00


The Lincoln Club is a political action committee that supports the United States Constitution and promotes the ideals of free enterprise, limited and accountable government, the rule of law, and the preservation and protection of individual liberty. The Lincoln Club endorses the principle of equal opportunity for all citizens.

To apply:

Any High school seniors (public, or private or homeschooled) with a 3.0 or better GPA who are interested in applying for a Lincoln Club scholarship may do so by submitting an 500-700 word original essay on the following subject:

2022 subject:
Limited government, the first and most basic principle of the Constitution—the principle of limited government—begins to emerge in the very first three words of the Preamble. The government of the United States, those three words declare, only exists because We the People choose that it should exist. In our various forms of government, are those in power mindful of the fact that “the people” are the source of their power? How do the people assert their will?

Deadline: April 18, 2022
Prepare packet, including completed essay, a cover letter, complete contact information and mail to:

Lincoln Club of the Morongo Basin
Essay Committee
Post Office Box 251
Yucca Valley, California 92286
Affiliated with the Basin Wide Foundation

2022 Bob Dunn Memorial Scholarship

2022 Winners!
All from Yucca Valley High School

Left to right: Aunalise Terreri, Joe Sullivan, Aidan Parmley and Griffin Hilderbrand

1st Place, Aunalise Terreri
Yucca Valley High School - $1,500

2nd Place, Aidan Parmley
Yucca Valley High School - $1,000

3rd Place, Griffen Hilderbrand
Yucca Valley High School - $500