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1. Gavin Newsom’s Employment Development Department has sent over $30 billion in fraudulent checks to prison inmates and other criminals, while forcing hundreds of thousands of out-of-work Californians to wait for months for money they are owed.

2. After ordering Californians to stay home and avoid social gatherings, Gavin Newsom arrogantly ignored his own edicts by dining with lobbyists at the French Laundry restaurant while not wearing a mask or social distancing.

3. As Governor, Gavin Newsom has given millions of dollars in no-bid contracts to businesses that pay his wife a six-figure salary, a practice that government watchdogs called a clear conflict of interest.

4. Even now after the CDC has lifted all COVID-19 restrictions, Gavin Newsom has refused to give up the emergency executive powers he invoked during the pandemic, allowing him to continue awarding no-bid multi-million dollar contracts to his biggest campaign donors.

5. Crime is spiking in California, yet Gavin Newsom ordered the early release of 20 thousand prison inmates and is giving another 76 thousand the chance to leave prison before serving their full terms.

6. Gavin Newsom cut 150 million dollars from the state’s fire protection budget and misled the public about his fire protection record, exaggerating by over 690% the number of acres protected under his own program and leaving over 78,000 acres vulnerable to devastating fires.

7. While millions of water customers are facing severe restrictions on their personal water usage, Gavin Newsom’s biggest campaign donor continues to use 120 billion gallons a year – enough to supply all of the residents of Los Angeles and San Francisco for an entire year.

8. Gavin Newsom allowed teacher’s unions, not science, to dictate when schools could reopen and whether students will be forced to get vaccinated or wear masks in the classroom this fall.

9. While Gavin Newsom continues to claim that homelessness is his top priority, the problem has gotten much worse since he has been in office and he now wants to spend another $12 billion on new programs and says it will take five more years to make a dent in homelessness.

10. Due to high taxes and fees, Californians pay over $1.20 more than the national average for a gallon of gas, but Gavin Newsom refused to stop or delay another gas tax increase on July 1.

11. Gavin Newsom agreed to a secretive nearly one-billion-dollar state contract to produce face masks with a politically connected Chinese company. A head of the company had donated tens of thousands of dollars to Newsom’s campaign. Without the legislature knowing, the company was wired half a million dollars.

12. Governor Newsom ordered ten-percent pay cuts for state workers because of the pandemic. Newsom promised to reduce his own pay, but broke his promise and continued to collect his full monthly salary.

13. Companies where Governor Newsom has an ownership interest received millions of dollars from the Paycheck Protection Program. One of the companies is a winery that received nearly one million dollars to protect only 14 jobs. This is more than SEVEN times the average small business loan to other California companies with a similar number of workers.

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